A blog on computers, Internet and the World Wide Web is huge in scope and scale. These are the areas that are ruling our lives today in every aspect and hence it is but natural that there will be a lot of curiosity in this respect. People access the Internet and the web in a routine manner without understanding the intricacies behind them, how they evolved and who the geniuses behind the invention are. Given this gap in knowledge among the common person at large, our blog site http://blogtuga.org is one tool that strives to make visitors aware of the many facets of Computers/Internet and on the Web.

What can the visitor to the site expect from us? Here is a snap shot about us and our blog site.

Even though there are three sections that we deal in, it is not sub divided on these lines on our website. This is because we strongly believe that all three are crucial components of the overall online environment and hence should be treated as a comprehensive whole. Hence you will get blogs that deal with the differences between the Internet and the World Wide Web which people usually tend to treat synonymously. You will also know how the Internet or the network of networks and the World Wide Web evolved to its present form from the time they were invented.

Computers, another segment in our blog site is by itself almost unlimited in scope. Our blogs include evolution of computers from the early stages to the modern sleek high tech ones with the latest cutting edge technologies and how they are changing peoples’ lifestyles. Generic blogs on our site offers guidelines on how to make the best use of computers, a buyer’s guide to computers and tips to make effective online searches.

This and much more can be had on our blog site http://blogtuga.org.